Spark 200

Spark 200

Main features

  • Color touch screen display
  • One hundred programmable memories
  • Leica 10x microscope
  • Structure in lacquered steel
  • Internal joystick
  • Wide opening welding chamber
  • Integrated webcam

It was created mainly for industrial environments where considerable power is needed, it is equipped with a dual on-line resonator, which allows it to reach the actual 200 JOULE.
Designed for intensive use, it is equipped with a chiller integrated into the base for cooling.
The Laser Spark welders of Garbarino & amp; Titonel are equipped with the new SMOOTH firing system with a soft effect for a more uniform welding and Metal Coating. All our machines are equipped with a wide openable welding chamber and a lacquered steel structure, which offers maximum flexibility in the industrial field thanks to its power and the size of the objects that can be welded. They are equipped with an integrated cooling system that allows intensive use even in non-optimal environmental conditions. All Spark welders are equipped with a color touch screen display and a webcam that allows you to see what you are welding inside the welding chamber simply by connecting the welder to any PC thanks to the external interface. </P >

Technical Data
Type Spark 200
Average power delivered 150
Maximum energy 15 kw
JOULE 200 joule
Pulse duration 0,1 / 20 mS
Repetition frequency 0 / 40 Hz
Welding spot 0,2 / 2 mm
Size L 55 x H 52 x P 120 cm

Video Tutorial

Select your language and watch the video to find out how the Spark 200 laser welder works.