PRO 1 - 2 Seats

PRO 1 – 2  Seats

  • Integrated high efficiency suction
  • Led lighting
  • Motor polishing Hp. 1.5 with adjustment 0-3300 rpm
  • Suction hood with LED lighting
  • Special bag filter for powders

Garbarino &  Titonel is proud to present its cleaning and polishing counters.

Workbench in lacquered steel, highly soundproofed, with large suction chamber and maximum recovery of powders.
Essential structure with drawers and wide frontal access to the filters, guarantee maximum versatility within the working environment.
Large extractor hoods with LED lighting and armored protection glass offer maximum visibility and great safety.
The motors for polishing are from hp.1, controlled by inverter for the regulation of the revolutions from 850 to 3360 rpm which allows all types of processing.

Technical data
Type Length Depth Bench Height Eating Polishing Engine Suction Motor Consumption Weight
PRO 1 seat 85 cm 71 cm 91 cm 230 V – 50/60 Hz 1,0 Hp 0,55 Hp 1,1 Kw 90 kG
PRO 2 seats 165 cm 78 cm 91 cm 380 V – 50/60 Hz 1,0 Hp 1,50 Hp 2,9 Kw 150 kG

Video Tutorial

Watch the video in your own language to find out how the PRO 1 cleaning bench works.