• Easy to use
  • Paper filters
  • Antiacid Polypropylene Structure
  • Automatic operation
  • Treatment capacity 60-150 lt.

Eldorado filtration plant recover all the precious metal particles derived from the working process (sinks, ultrasonic washing machines, magnetic tumblers, etc.). This system uses a simple filtration method through special paper filters with different filtering capacities. Filtration is automated thanks to level probes that control the waste pump for waste water coming from the accumulation tank. This filtration system is available in 2 versions:

Eldorado 4 filters

Eldorado 8 filters

Technical data
Type Length Depth Height Power Absorption Weight
Eldorado 4 70 cm 50 cm 100 cm 230v – 50/60Hz 0,11 Kw 40 kg
Eldorado 8 125 cm 55 cm 100 cm 230v – 50/60Hz 0,18 Kw 65 kg

Video Tutorial

Watch the video in your own language to find out how the Eldorado water filter works.