Spark 120

Spark 120


  • Color Touch Screen Display
  • 100 parameter memories
  • Leica Microscope 10x
  • Painted stainless steel structure
  • Joystick
  • Big openable soldering chamber
  • Integrated Webcam

Garbarino & Titonel’s laser soldering machines are designed with a big openable soldering chamber and built with a painted stainless steel structure, which offer the best flexibility for professional usages. Our Lasers are equipped with an integrated cooling system which allow an intensive usage even not in perfect environmental conditions.
Every Spark soldering machines are equipped with Color Touch Screen Display and an integrated webcam which allows operator to see its work, easily connecting the machine to a pc or monitor usb connection.

Technical Data
Model  Spark 120
Medium Energy Provided 95 w
Energy 7 kw
JOULE 120 joule
Impulse time 0,1 / 20 mS
Pulse frequency 0 / 30 Hz
Spot diameter 0,2 / 2 mm
Dimension L 55 x H 52 x P 78 cm

Video Tutorial

Select your language and watch the video to find out how the Spark 120 laser soldering machine works.